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قيد الاضافة - صورة


( Vision, mission and goals )

-          Contributes to disseminate the epistemic consciousness in an its fields and it emphasized the Mosul obvious role , leadership and cultural , since historical ages and the recent ages of history as well as Islamic one and even now days , it also make clear role in its contribution in different fields and what make this city quite different many other cities .

-          The centre also make clear what this city has witness . tangible , evidences and what this city has a historical events along its long history that reveals the deep wealth civilization and the characteristics of Mosul as well as what this city has done for humanity in a different fields , since first Assyrian civilization the next ages .

-          This centre emphasized the Arabic wealth Folklore in heritance of Mosul city as what contained of tangible , and in corporeal inheritances , and lore's and traditions .

-          Shed light on most famous characters and their historical roles and important deeds that helps in making the national construction as well as in other different fields beside their historical , literary and artistic civilization in different fields .

-          Beside continuous strife to keep the major characteristics of Mosul by scientific , folklore , research , and different informative as well as prediction of the dangers that are around historical events of Mosul city because the affect of factors such as geographical, climatic , humanness , environmental and other ones .

-          The centre provides suitable for close cooperation among the researchers inside and outside the university for the sake of contribution to in rich Mosul city in researches and researchers .

-          Also to attract the researchers writers , thinkers and specialized scientists who are concerned in studying Mosul city in the ancient different ages and variant aspects .

-          Publishing the scientific , academic research to get benefit of then by suitable ways .

-          The centre provides the studies of dictionaries , indexes , encyclopedia and special biography of Mosul city , and definition of its characteristics roles and its national , and historical contribution in different fields .

-          The centre is interesting in publishing , copying and disusing the historical , literary , geographical , cultural studies , that contributes to in rich the scientific , cultural movement in the procession of Mosul university in general .

-          Developing the Mosuli library in the centre through buying many composers manuscripts and arrangements dealing with Mosul as well as patrols ,bulleting and deferent newspapers .

-          Keeping biographies for remarkable Mosul Personals , scholars , thinkers , writers and artists for utilizing in historic and scientific studies .

-          Instructing researchers to write about Mosul in history economic , Social heritage and literary aspects .

-          Constructing ties between the centre and society by attracting Personalities concerning with intelligence , history, literary and heritage and letting them to participate in symposiums and conferences .

-          Adopting publishing of translated writings related to Mosul .

-          Revisiting and publishing literary and historic manuscripts .

-          Establishing close Scientific relation ships with local and Arabic research centers .

-         Revealing Mosul treasures through scientific participations in Symposiums and conferences in the Arab universities and there research centers


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قيد الاضافة

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